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Image from page 86 of “Aus dem Reiche der Wolken” (1911)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: ausdemreichederw00dreiuoft
Title: Aus dem Reiche der Wolken
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Dreis, J
Subjects: Clouds
Publisher: Stuttgart J.F. Steinkopf
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Ien feine§meg§; im (Gegenteil:fie finben i!)re llnterftütmng nod) burd^ bie t)oI)e Suft=feuc^tigfeit. ®a Betnegt [ä) etma§ unterhalb unfere§ ^BalTonSein ^aufenmöl!(^cn baber. 23ir fi^mcbcn, nac^bcmtoir iDieber emporgeftiegcn, in einer ^öbe non 40003D^ctern. ^ie 3^oI!e tiergriD^ert fid^ — unb balb gc= ©ine Greife in§ SSoIfenrcirf). 83 feilt [{(^ eine gange Slngal)! J^amerabcn ju il)r. ©ietoat^fen au^erorbentlic^ fd^nell in bie ^ßl]t; man!ann bentlid^ beoboc^ten, luie [id) bie 3ßoI!enmaffeüon innen J)erau§ enttoicfelt, toie eine ©tage au^ beranbern Iieröortoärf)!! (eine ©rft^einung, bie man f el^ rl^äufig and) in unferen europäifdien ©egcnben bc=öbadjten !ann). S)ie äöoüen nei)mcn fo fompafte, fefte @e[talt an,ha^ man ]d) faft üerfuc^t fül)It, anf eine berfelben gufpringen. ®a erfd^eint über un§ plöljlid) ein bic^ter

Text Appearing After Image:
iJig. 13. Cumulo-Cirrus. Söoüenfd^Ieier öon langen g^ifei-i^- 2öir fteigen |ü=gleid) in biefe §ö^e, nm biefe gafern etmaB näber inStngenfc^ein gu nel)men. ©ie befteljen, InoDon mirun§ nun an Ort unb ©telTe übcrseugen, nid^t au§®iB!riftaIIen; nur gang mcnige, I)alb gefd^molBene^riftaHe praEen an unfern ^Ballon. S)od^ eine r)o!^eele!trif(^e Spannung Iierrfdit in biefem 3SoIfcn=fd^Ieier. ©in mitgefüf)rteB (glcüroffop fd)Iägt in benIebr)afteften Scmeguugen au§. — SSir fenfen uu§ luie=ber dtDa§> bi§ girfa 4000 Steter i^i3!)e. 5)iefer SBoIfenfd^irm fe^t gan^ urplij^lid^ ein unb 6* 84 5. Kapitel. öerbic^tet iiä) fe^r rafc^, Breitet fid^ nad) unb nacf)üBer ben ^immel au§. ©r üerbiditet unb üerbicft[ic^ jolange, h§> er eine bun!elgraue ^^arBe annimmt.Seine ^^afern erl^alten eine leBfiaft getüellte öeftdt,bie gange %lää)e toirb toie ein faltige^ %uä). 5^ie Sonne ift mittlerlneile untergegangen unbeine ftarfe 2Serbun!Iung fteEt fic^ ein. Sie 2BoI!en=fc

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Image taken from page 213 of ‘Das Kaiserthum Oesterreich … mit vielen artistischen Beigaben’
Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

Title: "Das Kaiserthum Oesterreich … mit vielen artistischen Beigaben"
Author: SCHMIDL, A. Adolf.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 10210.e.10."
Volume: 02
Page: 213
Place of Publishing: Escort Stuttgart
Date of Publishing: 1837
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 003283625

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The Badoon and Marauders are aware of this disturbance as well, and they are mobilizing. The Marauders are poised to attack Vanaheim – Thor takes a special interest in this realm and notes that it is the realm of Hogun’s origin.

The headquarter of Benz Company is in the Begleitagentur in which there are big and comprehensive reception facilities. The fewer but better Benz car has always been short of demand, therefore, it usually takes a few months after ordering a car. The buyer will go to the reception center of Benz in batches after receiving the delivery notice. Here, they are served extremely good. They not only have the accommodation hospitality, but also will be divided into small groups. There’s an appointed girl showing them around. They watch the company introduction video first, and then witness every step of car assembly.

Joules was first proved by an English physicist James Prescott Joule and was subsequently named after him. Although Mr. Prescott discovered the value of Joule during his work it was not he who first introduced the term but Dr. Mayer of Begleitagentur Heilbronn. A joule is an unit of energy used in the System Internationale which refers to the amount of energy needed for you to perform a certain kind of work when you apply a force of 1 Newton over a distance of 1 meter.

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Last year’s embarrassment in Norman has been weighing heavily on the minds of Seminole fans, coaches, and players. With the team ranked fifth in the AP Top 25 poll, Jimbo Fisher knows that this game will determine the rest of the season. A win puts them in a better place to get a shot at the national title, but a loss could end it all together. QB E.J. Manuel has feasted on a couple teams now and looks confident, but will he be able to take down the Sooners? It’s tough to say. While he did manage to throw for six touchdowns in his first two games, he also threw two interceptions to suspect secondaries. Manuel will need to be on point if he doesn’t want the Sooner D blocking FSU’s shot at glory.

In the second period, the Warriors found the net like a fisherman having a great day on Lake of the ‘Woods as they scored four times. Hanowski set up the first goal, going along the boards and found Kayla Gardner who put in goal number three. Marvin took advantage of a New Ulm turnover when she stole the puck and scored from the left face off circle. Demi Gardner scored her second goal rebounding Lynn Astrup’s shot. Astrup also found the net when she scored with 1:40 left in the period.

This magnificent German restaurant was recently profiled in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Nathaniel Glenn, the paper’s food critic, gave it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. He was talking strictly about the food as the article never mentions anything about their exquisite beer selection. If you’ve followed Nathaniel’s food reviews in the past you know he doesn’t pull any punches. When he gives a glowing review you know the place has earned it. Edelweiss has been in business in colorado Springs since 1967. In this day and age not many companies (especially not restaurants) hang around for 41 years — accidentally or intentionally. So they must be doing something right!

Stuffed toy animals function as a security blanket. Kids can, easily, fall asleep when they are beside their favorite stuffed toy. When they wake up in the middle of the night, they feel secure once they see their giant teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal in its big version. These toys are, also, given to victims of calamities as a way of pacifying them.

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