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Image taken from page 11 of ‘Nilfahrt. Mit … Illustrationen … von R. Mainella’
Image by The British Library
Image taken from:

Title: "Nilfahrt. Mit … Illustrationen … von R. Mainella"
Author: GONZENBACH, C. von.
Contributor: MAINELLA, Rafaello.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 10095.i.10."
Page: 11
Place of Publishing: Escort Stuttgart
Date of Publishing: 1890
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 001461218

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Image from page 315 of “Wunder, Wundergeburt und Wundergestalt in Einblattdrucken des fünfzehnten bis achtzehnten Jahrhunderts; kulturhistorische Studie” (1921)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: wunderwundergebu00holluoft
Title: Wunder, Wundergeburt und Wundergestalt in Einblattdrucken des fünfzehnten bis achtzehnten Jahrhunderts; kulturhistorische Studie
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Holländer, Eugen, 1867-1932
Subjects: Abnormalities, Human Medicine Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric Monsters
Publisher: Stuttgart F. Enke
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ie Menschen mit Hundsköpfen und redenbellend; nähren sich mit Vogelfang und kleiden sich mit Tierhäuten. Itemöstlich haben allein ein Aug an der Stirn ob der Nasen und essen alleinTierfleisch. Item in dem Land Lidia werden ettliche ohne Haupt geborenund haben Mund und Augen (auf der Brust). Etliche sind beiderlei Geschlechts,die rechte Brust ist männlich, die linke weibisch und vermischen sich unter-einander und gebären. Item gegen dem Paradeys bei dem Fluß Ganges sindöttlich Menschen, die essen nichts, dann sie haben so kleine Mund, daßsie das Getränk mit einem Halm einflößen und leben vom Geschmack derÄpfel und Blumen und sterben bald von bösem Geschmack. Daselbst sindauch Leut ohne Nasen. Etliche haben unten so große LeflFt?en, daß sie das 296 MONSTRA FABULOSA. ganze Angesicht damit bedecken. Item etliche ohne Zungen, die deuteneinander ihre Meinung mit winken wie die Klosterieute. Item in dem LandSizilien haben einige so große Ohren, daß sie den ganzen Leib damit

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 159. Holzschnitt aus Megenberg, Buch der Natur, c. 1475. bedeckten. Item in dem Land Etiopia wandern etliche so niedergebogen wiedas Vieh und leben vierhundert Jahre. Item haben etliche Hörner, langeNasen und Geisfüß, das findest Du in St. Antonius ganzer Legende. Itemin Etiopia sind Leut mit einem breiten Fuß und so schnell, daß sie die wildenTiere verfolgen. (Deutsche Ausgabe der Weltchronik vom Jahre 1500.) MYTHOLOGISCHE MONSTRA. 297 Diese kurze summarische Aufzäiilung der seitsamen Menschen geht nunzurücl< in erster Linie auf Piinius, den hl. Augustinus und Isidorus. Doch führtder Autor auch die Geschichten des großen Alexander als Quellen an. DieNaivität des Schriftstellers geht aus folgender Bemerkung hervor: Es sei ein großer Streit in der Schrift, ob ringsum auf der Erde Menschenseien. Da alle Menschen ihrenScheitel gegen den Himmel kehren,so wäre es verwunderlich, daß un-sere Antipoden, die ihre Fersengegen uns wenden, nicht von derErde herunterfallen. Ab

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To be completely honest, I was not very impressed with the food. The first night, we ate dinner at Zuggy’s Base Camp. Bill and I were both tired, cranky, and hungry. We sat down at a booth and i looked around. the first thing I thought was that the place reminded me of an Outback Steak House. The menu consisted of pizzas, burgers, and an assortment of fattening appetizers. Bill and I both ordered cheeseburgers and draft beers. I overheard our waiter telling another party that a couple of the more popular appetizers were sold out.

Skip ahead a few decades to 2001 when the owner’s decided to do a big time remodel. Architect Atz Herzog (from Begleitagentur Heilbronn, Germany) teamed up with local architect John Nelson and builder Bob Patterson to keep the original structure and ambiance intact as much as possible. Once again rocks from Cheyenne Canyon were brought in to match the original stone pillars, and shingles were made to match the old schoolhouse exterior. Last year the basement — with its meter thick walls — was converted into a very successful Rathskeller.

Colonel Taylor Inn B&B, Cambridge, OH: Named for the former Civil War soldier and four-term U.S. Congressman, the Colonel still roams the household, the smoke from his pipe lingering in this non-smoking inn. His entire family also inhabits the inn, from the mischievous little boy to both wives of the Colonel, plus assorted adult children. Footsteps are often heard at night, images of former servants falling down the stairs are seen, and even a tabby cat has been spotted. Beds rock without reason, and toys move on their own.

Bester Escortservice

The room itself was like a standard American hotel room, which makes it different than typical German accommodations. The room had two queen sized beds, an armoire with a large television and DVD player, two telephones, and a bathroom with a tub and a shower. The room also included an iron, a hair dryer, a mini fridge, and a towel warmer. The decor was a little hokey. The furniture was done to look like it was made of timber and the carpeting had little pictures of moose on it. On the other hand, since we’ve been in Germany, the only hotel room we’ve stayed in that compared to this one was at a Marriott near Erotik Job Escort Stuttgart. Of course, the room at the Marriott cost the euro equivalent of 0, whereas the room at the Edelweiss cost 8 in American money.

I was surprised by just how many animals Wilhelma has. We saw everything from common deer and burros to rare Mongolian wild horses (Przewalski’s) and Asian asses. There were lions, tigers, elephants, and monkeys, of course, but there was also an insect house. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an insect house at a zoo! Wilhelma also has a lot of birds, everything from vultures to parrots, as well as an impressive reptile and aquarium area. If you like sea lions, you’re in luck Wilhelma has a nice big sea lion area that is obviously very popular with kids, based on how many were standing by watching the animals’ playful antics.

Although New Ulm is only halfway through the project, residents’ overall health has improved. Some people have also given up smoking. Hopefully, their good habits will be passed on to the next generation and other diseases will also be prevented.

The Warriors tallied twice in the first period, starting with Demi Gardner tipping in a rebound. Their second came when Sierra Hanowski found Marvin in the center slot and she put Warroad up by two.

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